About Darby Equipment Company

Darby Equipment Company (DARBY), based in Marshall, Texas, provides a full supply of winch products and services. Founded in 1943, DARBY continues to cater to oilfield service companies, but has expanded over the years to support a collection of industries that need good products and good service.

Our specialty is custom truck outfitting. We’ve been building winch trucks, vacuum trucks, pole trucks, chemical-treater trucks, delivery trucks, and all manner of custom trucks since our inception. We can design and fabricate a truck the way you want it and recommend the right parts to make it last.

Some of the popular products we sell and service include: winches, vacuum pumps, cranes, PTOs, service bodies, flatbeds, fluid pumps, hooklifts, roll-offs, container handlers, tool boxes, wet kits, blowers, lift gates, drivelines, fifth wheels, custom kingpins, custom tail rollers, heavy-duty grease-able hinges, utility trailers, trailer parts and other related items.

We manufacture custom leaf spring products and u-bolt products to repair your truck/trailer or to improve the service life of your truck/trailer.


We’re open to discussing any custom projects you have in mind.